The Course will be organized in three separate, special locations: Venice, Asiago and Padova. Many tours to interesting sites will be also part of this stimulating summer school; for example a day-trip to Vicenza, a nominated UNESCO World Heritage Site and the home of important architectural landmarks of Palladio, and to Verona, where the students will attend an opera evening in the famous Roman amphitheater.

The completion of the courses and assignments will grant 3 credit points to ShanghaiTech students and a certificate will also be issued to attest their participation in the Summer School.

From August 19th to 26th students will be in Venice, a UNESCO city built on water. The city was historically the capital of the Republic of Venice. The Republic of Venice was a major financial and maritime power during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. In Venice, students will learn about art, spanning from music to visual art, architecture and literature and have guided visit and field trips to some of Venice most prestigious cultural heritage and landmarks, such as the Saint Mark’s Square, Doge’s Palace and Rialto Bridge.

From August 26th to September 4th, students will be in Asiago, a renowned mountain vacation resort where the University of Padova has its Astronomical Observatory. It is also here the premises of the Rigoni Stern Instiute are located: they will host the lectures of the second part of the course, dedicated to science based topics. Lots of interesting activities: mountain hiking, cheese tasting and lots more!

From September 4th to 8th , students will be in Padova and the portion of the course will schedule mostly lectures of interdisciplinary character, and will include a guide visit to the historical central of Padova and the University itself. A final official ceremony will be held at the University of Padova, in one of its historical halls, on September 8th. On such occasion, students will be given a certificate attesting their participation in the Summer School.