1,100 N95 masks and 10,000 surgery masks have been donated from ShanghaiTech University to the University of Padua. ShanghaiTech is a strategic partner of the University, as indicated in the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2015.

Each year around 35 students from ShanghaiTech attend the Summer School in Italy and pass 3 weeks studying culture and science.

At the beginning of February 2020, when China was fighting against Covid-19, Alessandro Paccagnella, University of Padova’s vice dean for international relationships, sent an official letter to ShanghaiTech University, expressing support and solidarity to their chinese colleagues, and the will of getting the international cooperation stronger and to contribute to the scientific research about Covid-19. Then, at the end of Italy become one of the most affected countries. At the beginning of March, an official letter from Shanghai Tech to Padova University was sent, expressing solidarity to all italians colleagues and communicating the availability to donate protective materials to help the University overcome this terrible times. At the moment this material has arrived in Padova and the dean, Rosario Rizzuto, has expressed his deepest thanks to ShanghaiTech University for the support and the donation. All masks will be provided, as soon as possible, to the academic and medical staff.