“Search for Extra-terrestrial life”

Prof. Cesare Barbieri
Emeritus of Astronomy
University of Padova

DATE: 27th July 2018
TIME: 10:00 – 11:00
LOCATION: Rigoni Stern Institute, Asiago

We live in a period of extra-ordinary discoveries on our Solar System, on planetary systems of other stars, on the complex molecules in interstellar and intergalactic clouds. These progresses promote new investigations of the meaning of life on our Earth, on extra-terrestrial environments, on planets of other stars. This fascinating topic will be treated from the point of view of an astronomer, from the initial conditions of the Milky way and the Solar System in it to what comets, and in particular the Rosetta mission,  are teaching us. The possibility of finding other living ad perhaps intelligent species around us will also be examined.

Cesare Barbieri –Very short CV, August 2016

Professor Emeritus of Astronomy, University of Padova

(Full Professor until Sept. 30, 2013)

e-mail: cesare.barbieri@unipd.it 

personal Web page: http://www.astro.unipd.it/barbieri/


1985-91 Padua and Asiago Astronomical Observatories

1990-98 Telescopio Nazionale Galileo (La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain)

2008-10 PhD School of Sciences Technologies and Measures for Space, Univ. Padova

2010-13 Galilean School of Higher Education, Univ. Padova


1985-87 European Space Agency (ESA) Astronomy Working Group

1991-94 ESA Space Science Advisory Committee and SC Horizon 2000+

1988-92 Scientific and Technical Committee of the European Southern Observatory (ESO)

2002-07 Board European School NEON

2004-08 Board Master in Applied Optics

Main Projects:

1977-94 ESA Faint Object Camera on board the NASA Hubble Space Telescope (HST)

1980-87 Halley Multicolor Camera on board the ESA cometary mission GIOTTO

1998 Collisional, dynamical and physical evolution of bodies of the solar system;

2001 Search and dynamical and physical studies of NEAs and other minor bodies of the solar system

2002 Digitization of photographic archives of the Italian Astronomical Observatories

2006 Astrophysics to the Quantum Limits

2004-05 ESO Quanteye (quantum Astronomy)

2005-06 ESA QIPS (Quantum Communications)

2007-09 ESA/EC Harrison (time for the European GALILEO GNSS)

2007-10: Project of Excellence Fondazione Cariparo Quantum Properties of Light and Astronomy

2009-13: Strategic Program Padova Univ. Quantum Future

1995 to date: Lead Scientist of OSIRIS imaging system on board the ESA cometary mission Rosetta


Fundamental Astronomy; Astrophysics of Stars and Planets (Astronomy)

Elements of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Aerospace Engineering)
Effects of the Earth’s atmosphere on Astronomical Observations (Space Sciences PhD School)

Research (more than 400 papers on International leading refereed journals):

Minor Bodies and Diffuse Sodium in the solar system;

Telescopes and Instrumentation for ground and space;

Quantum Optics for Astronomy 

Post-Doc Fellow at McDonald Observatory (Texas, USA) and Australian National University in Canberra. Stays and seminars given at Boston University, Colorado University on Boulders, Lund Observatory in Sweden, Liege Observatory in Belgium.


Lezioni di Astronomia (Zanichelli), 1999 and revisions

La nascita dell’Astrofisica nel XIX secolo (CLEUP), 2000

Fundamentals of Astronomy (Taylor and Francis), 2006, in English

Astronomia Perché? Editrice Compositori, 2009

Chapters in several Italian Encyclopediae

Editor of Proceedings/Conferences:

European Satellite Astrometry (ESA 1970)

The Three Galileos (1997 Kluwer)

Earth-Moon Relationships (2000 Kluwer)

2nd ESA/COSPAR GALILEO GNSS (2008 ESA publication)

400th Anniversary of the discovery of the Medicean Moons, IAU Symp. 269 (2010 Cambridge University Press)


Organizers of astronomical events for the general public and school teachers.

Speaker in a very large number of popular conferences in Italy and abroad.

Prizes and Honours:

NASA Group Award for FOC/HST.

Gold Medal of Italian Ministry for Education.

Commendatore of the Italian Republic.

Sigillum of the City of Padova

Paul Harris Fellowships (2) of the Rotary International; president 2015/2016 Padova Nord Rotary Club.