“Canova: Great Artist, Greater Man”

Prof. Virginie McAvoy

DATE: 1st August 2019
TIME: 15:00 – 17:00 pm
LOCATION: Possagno, Cast Gallery of Antonio Canova

Antonio Canova is the greatest neoclassical sculptor of all time, during his life considered to be the only artist able to reconnect with the splendor of the Greek art. However, Antonio Canova was more than a prodigiously talented artist… He was also a diplomat for Pope Pius VII and the General Inspector of Antiquities and Fine Arts, with a vision of art that nobody at that time possessed. The lecture will develop the different faces of this all-round humanist.

With a passion for Italy and Italian culture, Virginie McAvoy studied History and History of Arts in Paris, graduating with distinction from the University of Sorbonne and the École du Louvre. Her early professional experiences at ICCROM (Rome) and UNESCO (Venice) were key milestones for two life-long interests: preserving cultural heritage and sharing emotions.

Working as a Cultural Attaché for the French government and for museums in Bologna (Italy), Edinburgh (UK) and the Paris area, in 2005 Virginie joined the prestigious French Réunion des Musées nationaux, the cultural establishment in charge of the leading French museums.

In 2013, her passion for Italy took her again to the unique Veneto region, the land of Palladio, Giorgione and Canova, where she currently works at Antonio Canova’s plaster cast gallery and birthplace in Possagno. Virginie divides her time between France and Italy as a consultant and loves to accompany art lovers on their cultural journeys.

Antonio Canova. Exhibition held in Venice, Museo Correr and Possagno, Gipsoteca, 22 March -30 September 1992. Exhibition catalogue
Curators: Giuseppe Pavanello and Giandomenico Romanelli.
See the texts of Hugh Honour
ISBN-10: 8831756494
ISBN-13: 978-8831756495

Antonio Canova – Museum and Gipsoteca Possagno
The most comprehensive guide to the art collection of the Canova Museum in Possagno.
Perfect book for students who want to know more about Canova and his artworks.
Texts of Giancarlo Cunial and Massimiliano Pavan