Oceans from the Stars


Prof. Ivano Bertini

University of Padova

DATE: 28th August 2018
TIME: 10:00-11:00 am
LOCATION: Rigoni Stern Institute, Asiago

The minor bodies of the Solar System, asteroids and comets, represent the most uncontaminated witnesses of the primordial  phases that characterized the formation and evolution of our planetary system. They are made of primordial material, in particular they are thought to have brought organic molecules responsible of life on Earth and also part of the water of our oceans. These bodies, in fact, quite frequently hit the outer and the inner planets as we can see for example from the heavy craterization of our Moon. In particular this happened violently during a period of the planetary evolution about 700 million years after the planets formed called the Late Heavy Bombardment during which, owing to a giant planets migration, a huge number of small bodies were thrown into the inner Solar system. This event could probably have  been  the main vehicle of water repleshiment of our oceans.

The D/H ratio, considered the fingerprint of the region where a celestial body formed,  has been estimated on Earth as D/H = 1,49 ± 3 × 10^-4. A discussion on the comparison with D/H values of the other bodies of the Solar System will be performed in order to identify the possible responsibles of the water of terrestrial oceans.

*the lecture will be held by Prof. Ivano Bertini

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