Italy for beginners

Kim Anne Barchi
(University of Padova)

DATE: 19 August 2018
TIME: 11:30 – 12:45 pm
LOCATION: Crociferi Foundation, Venice

In this lecture I will be introducing the basics of Italy: from its geography, history, culture, food and some facts about daily life in this country.

To fully understand and appreciate Italy, its people and its culture, one must have a good grasp of the language. This course, therefore, integrates a study of basic Italian with an overview of contemporary Italian culture.

I shall introduce some aspects of Italian language, a brief overview of its development throughout history, its dialects.

We will then practice some words and sentences together. In specific:

  • How to introduce yourself and/or oneself
  • How to say your age, job and nationality
  • How to say information about your family
  • How to discuss prices









5) (on the ALPS)


6) sicily-volcanoes/ (on Mount Etna, the Volcano)


7) (Italy in 1 minute)


8) (Italy in 5 minutes)


9) (From Verona, to Padova, Venice and Vicenza)


10) (Italian seaside)


11) (brief history of Italy)


12) (hand gesture for communication)


13) (on Italian cuisine)


14) (learn Italian language)


15) (Italian language facts)


16) (origin of pizza)