Glassart: From Production to Conservation

Prof. Renzo Bertoncello & His Team
University of Padova

DATE: 23rd August 2019
TIME: 11:15 – 12:15 am
LOCATION: Don Orione Foundation, Venice

Developing nanometric inorganic thin films of silica to protect cultural heritage surfaces (glasses, ceramics, metals, papers). Synthesis of silicon derivatives developing the deposition of an organic coating (starting from silicon alkoxides) which, reacting with the wetness, transforms into silica thin layers/coatings at room temperature. This method is known as sol-gel but the catalyst used has been completely changed (operating at neutral pH) and the research is continuing with the synthesis of new silica precursors.

Prof. Dr. Renzo Bertoncello

From his patents, he founded a spin‐off society SILTEA. He is on the Board of the Doctoral School in History, Criticism and Conservation of Cultural Heritage of the Padua University. President of the degree course in Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage-Padua University.

Scientific collaboration is underway with E. Vio, Proto of the Basilica of S. Marco in Venice. Scientific collaboration with J.C. Dran and A Boquillon at the research laboratories of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Member of the international TC19 commission for the evaluation of the best technologies for the investigation of glass degradation. Member of the scientific committee of the Congress on Science and Cultural Heritage of Bressanone (IT) and its magazine.

Won the “Philip Morris” award for the original and significant scientific Contribution of his research activity in the field of historical glass restoration. Selected by the C.N.R. to present their research work to the “Young Chemists Workshop”. Won the study award in memory of “Dr. Comm. Alceste Mion” for the original and significant scientific contribution of his research activity.

National responsible of the Project of relevant national interest (PRIN) “Chemistry for art: study of materials and techniques in contemporary art” funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Director of the Padua operational unit of the FIRB national project: “Synthesis of inorganic protective and development of portable diagnostic equipment” funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Coordinator of “Ancient glass and mosaics” of the National Research Program for the Cultural and Environmental Heritage Sector. Director of the operational unit of Padua in the “Cultural Heritage” Finalized Project. Financed the Cultural Heritage Strategic Project for the study of ancient glass.

Michele Cecchin was born on July 17th 1982 in Cittadella (PD). In 2008 he graduated in Science and Technology for Archaeological and Artistic Heritage at the University of Padua.
Between 2009 and 2011 he worked as a freelance consultant in the conservation eld, collaborating with architects and restorers in the development of diagnostic plans.

In 2011 he founded SILTEA, a spin-o company of the University of Padua, specialized in sol-gel technology and diagnostic analysis for conservation.

Between 2013 and 2015 he is a lecturer in training courses at UPA Formazione in Padua and a Master in Conservation of Contemporary Art at the CAV of Pietrasanta.
He is the CEO and the technical-sales manager of his company.

Claudia Bortolussi was born on February 10th 1983 in Latisana (UD). In 2008 she graduated in Science and Technology for Archaeological and Artistic Heritage at the University of Padua. Between 2008 and 2009 she carried out training, teaching and research activities in the eld of archaeometry at the University of Milan Bicocca and Padua.

In 2013 she obtained the PhD in archaeology at the University of Padua carrying out research activities related to the dating of ceramic material with spectroscopic techniques.
Between 2014 and 2015 she worked as a lecturer at UPA Formazione of Padua. In 2011 she founded SILTEA, a spin-o company of the University of Padua specialized in sol-gel technology and diagnostics for cultural heritage. She is currently responsible of R&D in her own company.

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