Academic Writing

Kim Anne Barchi
University of Padova

DATE: 26 August 2019
TIME: 10:00 – 11:30 am
LOCATION: Rigoni Stern Institute, Asiago

– Language Expert (English) at the Language Centre of University of Padova, Italy (since 2014);

– Language Collaborator (English) at the University of Bolzano, Italy (since 2015);

– Language Professor and head of English Language Department at the Scuola di Mediatori e Interpreti (School for Translators and Interpreters – private university), Padova, Italy (since 2013);

– Coordinator of the China Project for the University of Padova, Italy (since 2014).


Kim Anne Barchi obtained a BA in Chinese Language and Culture specializing in Economy and Management from the University Ca’ Foscari, Venice, Italy. She furthered her education by attending a MSc in International Management at SOAS – School of Oriental and Asian Studies, University of London, U.K. specializing in management styles and communications in the UK, Italy and China.

Thanks to a scholarship provided by the I.C.E. – Istituto Commerciale Estero (part of the Ministry of Economic Development) she obtained a post graduate degree in Business Internationalization at Venice International University, Venice, Italy.

She matured a significant experience as an expatriate manager in China, where she lived for 10 years. During that period, she travelled extensively across Asia, developing a deep interest in English as a medium for international business and communication.

She thus pursued such interest by obtaining a MSc in Teaching English to Speakers of Other

Languages from the University of Stirling, U.K., whilst working as a language expert for the Language Centre of the University of Padova.


She furthermore coordinates the China Desk of the University of Padova, an office dedicated to developing and broadening the connections between UniPd and Universities and Institutes in China.

She currently has a permanent position at the University of Padova, collaborates with the University of Bolzano (for language teaching and testing) and the Scuola di Mediatori e Interpreti (School for Translators and Interpreters) – where she is also director of the English Language department.