The famous Italian researcher Francesco d’Errico will be our special guest in a full day dedicated to palaeoanthropology.

During his career, this “scientific globetrotter”, as the University of Bordeaux calls the director of the CNRS Ecology and Environment Institute, has taken part in over fifty missions, travelled in many countries, including China, Botswana, Morocco, the United States, the Netherlands and South Africa, collaborated on roughly 300 papers and published more than 260 articles.

His area of research concerns the study of fossil hominids (Neanderthal, Homo erectus, Australopithecus, etc.) and the first modern men through their symbolic representations (engravings, adornments, use of pigment, etc.), technical behaviour (use of tools) and relationship with the environment, for which he uses the most modern microscopic, 3D imaging and dating techniques.

Prof. Francesco d’Errico will be giving the lecture “Origin of Symbolic Thinking in the Paleolitic Times” tomorrow, 29th August 2018, at the Rigoni Stern Institute of Asiago,

September 8th 2018, Aula Nievo, Bo Palace, University of Padova, 14:30-15:30 pm.