“Right after the signing of the collaboration protocol with the University of Padova, the ShanghaiTech Colleagues had expressed the wish of a Summer Course for their students in the region of Padova. The wish was challenging, as the pattern the ShanghaiTech Colleagues had in mind was very unusual, i.e. the Course should not concentrate exclusively on science, but should offer the students a broad panorama of Italian culture and its development in the Venice-Padova environment. The Course was thus seen as an ideal “locus” to foster the ties between the two Universities, promoting future exchanges at all levels.”

Prof. Ernesto Carafoli

The Agreement

In April 2015 the first Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the University of Padova and ShanghaiTech University, with the purpose of promoting joint academic cooperation. Its central focus is on training activities in subjects of common interest; mobility of academic staff, researchers and students; and participation to seminars and conferences. Furthermore, this agreement aims at sharing high complex technical-scientific know-how.

Since then, the Memorandum has been extended to comprise fields of investigation, e.g., the training and orientation agreement signed by the Dept. of Industrial Engineering of UniPD and the Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS) of ShanghaiTech University in 2016. The target of this Addendum is to promote the exchange of academic and professional staff and students in the field of Chemical Engineering.

The Course

The course will offer an across the board panorama of Italian Culture, combined with a presentation and discussion of the most exciting problems of science, from biology to astrophysics, explored at the University of Padova. The Course will also focus on the historical role and the modern developments of Art and Science in Italy, and in particular of the part of Italy that, in the old days, was known as the Republic of Venice, which had in Venice, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its glorious centre of artistic culture, and in the University of Padova an exceptional scientific centre. The Course will be open to Italian students who will audit the lectures, in order to promote contacts between Chinese and Italian students and strengthen the overall academic relationship.


Course Director

Ernesto Carafoli

Organizing Committee

Lucia Regolin, Denis Bastieri, Kim Anne Barchi, Veronica Santini

Administration Manager

Juan Deng, XiYue Cai, Serena Viscito